Silicon Beach – Los Angeles

The LA tech community is continuing to grow, Santa Monica long known as the heart of  Silicon Beach is brimming with newer interesting startups. When Google moved out to Venice, multiple startups saw Venice as the next major player in the global tech space. Startups like Omaze and DSC followed but soon realized the slack of space in Venice is a growing problem.

Creative Startups often reject traditions spaces for office with a creative vibe in a beachside neighborhood. However as the startups expand beachside neighborhoods seldom allow office space to accommodate growth unless founders are willing to put all revenue in rent.

When there is a need of more than a few thousand square feet, startups are often looked are other creative environment communities like Marina Del Rey, CA and Playa Vista, CA. Rents that once seemed to be lower at these place have blown outta proportion when Youtube, Fox, DSC opened new offices outside Santa Monica.

An Area that we feel has not been explore to its full potential is SouthBay. while El Segundo, CA and Torrance, CA are home to many enterprises and startups it’s often not the first choice of startup founders.

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