Is Google a startup killer?

For years and years, startups and SMBs have poured money into google AdWords to attract traffic. They have parallelly optimized their sites for SEO but never reached Page 1, this has, of course, made google tons of money but have you seen what google’s page 1 now looks like? It’s full of most obvious search results with the most obvious firms.

E.g. Search for flights from LA to Hawaii

The results would look something like

  1. Google Flights
  2. Expedia
  3. Orbitz
  4. Kayak

Now which result there is actually helping you?

Those are all the apps you already have on your phones or companies that you already know about.

All those companies are all connected anyway

Those prices in the Meta Titles are not real anyway.

Somewhere hidden on page 3 or 4 maybe a new startup with better pricing or last minute deal which you’ll never reach.

So point 1 whats the point of google marketing the most obvious results on page 1.

Secondly, google takes an area of the page to market its own services. Hmm how about use sidebar and promote startups instead? but ripping them off with AdWords makes more money doesn’t it?

We also did a search for “Software Engineer Jobs in Los Angeles, CA“.

Let’s see what google shows.. coming soon


What do you think?


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